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The Performance

Thursday, January 11 we will perform a new, never before heard, episode of In Australia. Preview a past episode to the right. Visit our event page.

Show Description

The art space at Papaya Planet will be open 9-7 pm Tuesday through Sunday, January 11-25. Mediums include landscape embroideries, fabric figures and plein air drawings.

The Traveling Show- Elio Icaza Milson (Panama) and Genevieve Marsh (USA), from DMA TER studio, present their travelogue from a 40,000 km journey across Australia. Created between October 2016 and October 2017 from their custom camper van, the artworks include embroidered landscapes, fabric sculptures inspired by ancient rock paintings, and plein air pastels. The show shares learnings from world heritage, such as our innately human connection to landscapes. The artists will perform an episode of their storytelling podcast, ‘In Australia’, at the opening. A simultaneous virtual-reality show can be viewed online via computer or virtual reality goggles.

 In Australia Ep. 3: Scenes from the Desert, a short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels in Australia with an invigorating twist. This episode includes stories of surveying crumbling mountains and elusive wildlife. Episodes suitable for all ages.



Murray Darling Confluence 1, 1m sq. acrylic and embroidery on calico.

Ripples of two lazy rivers intersect and pass through the other’s current. This over-under pattern becomes the over-under stitch of embroidery.

Spinifex Mountain

Spinifex Mountain. A4. Gouache on toned paper. Elio Icaza, 2017.

Spinifex bushes burst amidst the rubble of a razorback ridge.

Ubirr Spirit

Ubirr Spirit, 53x23x4 cm. Fabric, embroidery floss and found objects. Elio Icaza Milson, 2017.

Plush figure translation of ancient rock painting from Ubirr, Northern Territory.

Mt. Sonder Lookout and Finke River

Mt. Sonder Lookout and Finke River. A3. Pastel and watercolor on paper. Genevieve Marsh, 2017.

Scenes from Central Australia.


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