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Designed and crafted by artists, our DMA TER toys merge fun and collective group play with kaleidoscopic human challenges. Games straight from the artists’ studio!

Plus, provoking publications!

Plus, domestic shipping or door delivery if you and us are in the same country. (PS: we travel a lot.)


Across Textures

25.00 USD

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This artist's book weaves together the text messages, Skype chats, and conversations that we have sent each other since the first day of our friendship. We explore the sounds and gestures of our interlingua, our cross-communication across languages, symbols, places on earth, and our love of each other.


DMA TER PSA #1 Broadsheet

5.00 USD + Shipping

Our biannual newspaper featuring short articles and art pieces on the topic we choose, in this release the theme is Interfaces of Dwelling.

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Field Guide

4.00 USD + Shipping

This guide teaches you the basics of setting up your own Wifi network from scratch, avoiding add-ons and services that raise your bills. This guide is suited for farmers, community organizations, and any anyone that would benefit from DIY Wifi.

clear canvas

Clear Canvas

12.00 USD and up + Shipping

Build one for me!
Clear Canvas is a transparent surface that kids can draw on simultaneously. There are multiple sizes and orientations available. Each is built custom order. It can be used with markers and paint! Learn more.

spaghetti party thumbnail

Spaghetti Party

50.00 USD + Shipping

Build one for me!

Spaghetti Party brings al dente fun to your next dinner party. Boil up some pasta, put the game board up on the wall, and throw spaghetti! Hit the meatballs and LEDs will light up. Hit all meatballs the and lettering fully illuminates.