Work Bench

Dematerialization. A core concept of our work. We are careful with words- cautious to let them fill our mind. In DMA TER, we revel in them, feel them. Feel our work, experience mediums painted on each other, canvases of and for each other.

In Australia, Ep.9

Live! This episode was recorded live at Old Library Art Studios, Auburn, CA, USA on December 9, 2017. A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 9: West Coast Rummaging through rock heaps and circling coral reefs A DMA TER Production, created by Elio Icaza and Genevieve Marsh.

The Traveling Show Invite, CA | Dec. 8-10, 2017

We welcome you from 12-5 pm on Friday to Sunday, December 8-10, 2017 to interact with our new artworks inspired by traveling Australia. A live podcast performance will happen Saturday at 2 pm. Located at Old Library Art Studio, 175 Almond St., Auburn, CA. Preview The Traveling Show here. With anticipation,Genevieve Marsh + Elio Icaza Milson

The Traveling Show | Sneak Peek

The Performance Thursday, January 11 we will perform a new, never before heard, episode of In Australia. Preview a past episode to the right. Visit our event page. Show Description The art space at Papaya Planet will be open 9-7 pm Tuesday through Sunday, January 11-25. Mediums include landscape embroideries, fabric figures and plein air drawings. […]

In Australia, Ep.8

A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 8: When the Sea Dried Up Driving off the highway and submerging into the desert. A DMA TER Production, created by Elio Icaza and Genevieve Marsh.

In Australia, Ep.7

A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 7: New Territory Drawing oases in the Northern Territory A DMA TER Production, created by Elio Icaza and Genevieve Marsh.

In Australia, Ep.6

A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 6: Epicenter Delving into the desert heart A DMA TER Production, created by Elio Icaza and Genevieve Marsh.

In Australia, Ep.5

A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 5: Victoria Exploring and living at the edge of the continent A DMA TER Production, created by Elio Icaza and Genevieve Marsh.

The Traveling Show Invite | May 27, 2017

We welcome you from 2-5 pm on Saturday May, 27th to interact with our new artworks inspired by traveling Australia. A live podcast performance will happen at 3 pm. Painted Embroideries Watercolors Imaginative Dwellings Sound Art Located at the Safstrom Residence at 72 Bruce St. Mount Waverley VIC. We will leave Melbourne the following week to explore more […]

In Australia, Ep.4

A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 4: Beyond Bungonia Crossing fences and wrestling sheep at the end of the road A DMA TER Production, created by Elio Icaza and Genevieve Marsh.

In Australia, Ep.3

A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 3: Scenes from the Desert Surveying crumbling mountains and elusive wild life A DMA TER Production, written and produced by Elio Icaza and Genevieve Marsh.

Knowledge Economy Industrial Design

I ran into this phrase while reading through the blog of Design + Industry, an Australian industrial design and product development firm. Their website suggests that they specialize in ‘new product development’, a description that seems to encompass the design, development, and marketing of new technologies and their commercial applications. “…New growth industries… are the […]

In Australia, Ep. 2

A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 2: The Tablelands Cruising through highways and hidden places A DMA TER Production, written by Genevieve Marsh and produced by Elio Icaza.

Knowledge Economy Architecture

In Australia, similar to elsewhere, the politicians and businessmen talk of how to exchange the national reliance on manufacturing for a knowledge economy. They look neither to compete with China’s manufacturing, nor to service industries inevitably improved by knowledge industry capabilities. This topic has been the talk of our mobile studio van, as Elio notices […]

Critical Qualities in Architecture Firms

What is truly contemporary architecture? What qualities must a firm have in order to be motivated to work on such a challenging and undefined level? This ongoing table tries to aggregate the qualities I have found from visiting projects and speaking to architects that seem to create the best work. I also evaluate some of the more interesting […]

Sunshine, Australia & the Placemaker

Last night Elio and I tagged along with the Urban Design Forum on a tour of Sunshine, Australia. The town of Sunshine has undergone a tremendous revitalization over the last eight or so years. The primary areas for improvement included trash management, business appearance, perceptions of public safety, and reform of “anti-social behavior” (Australian for […]

Mobile Studio Apartment

We are building a mobile studio apartment: a place to live and work during the next year. The place is constructed as we live in it. Our studio apartment is a 2000 Mitsubishi Starwagon– a seven-seater van with no seats behind the passenger and driver. Right now it has artist loft basics: a library, bed, […]

In Australia, Ep. 1

A short story podcast featuring true and unusual experiences from our travels with an invigorating twist. Episode 1: Botany Bay Finding the bush in urban sprawl. A DMA TER Production, written by Genevieve Marsh and produced by Elio Icaza.

Zoetrope Sound

Before ALN, I didn’t think about electromagnetic energy. “Zoetrope Sun” was the theme of this year’s workshop. If light is a medium used by every single creator– painters, physicists, photographers– then sound had to be one. My freshman year drawing teacher told me three years later that my freshman drawing work was contrarian. I guess it’s […]

Universal Mobile

The hierarchy of the universe, as we know it: Universe > Superclusters > Clusters > Local Groups > Galaxies > Solar Systems > Stars > Planets  Filmed by Lindsay Bloom

Rain Machine

beatboxing ella me dice que la lluvia [she tells me that the water]- actually, could I have a mic? it might even be better audience giggle. beatboxing. audience cheers my earliest memory of rain is sitting in the car and trying to catch the individual drops of rain. i don’t know if you can see this […]

Zoetope Sun Workshop Week 4 + Festival

Reposted from August 12, 2016 post by Genevieve Marsh on Performers Prepare One week until showtime! All the beautiful and thought provoking ephemera we created over the course of the workshop needed to find form within each other for the festival. Through our group planning meetings and reenactment from our arsenal of works, we strove to make […]

Zoetrope Sun Festival Week 3

Reposted from August 3, 2016 post by Genevieve Marsh on This week the workshop began with a two day crescendo- a twenty hour marathon to learn the nuances of theater with Ward Dales and Noelle Gentile. We drew stories out from within ourselves and followed our impulse to create collective performances on themes of current […]


Experiments. Sometimes you can only see them from an angle. A metallic surface twists the straight boards of the ceiling. Each of these cups are infinity mirrors. Each of these cups are the shapes of zoetropes. The shape of a zoetrope cylinder opened up, rim expanding to grab more light. A curve in profile, the […]

Zoetrope Sun Workshop Week 2

Reposted from July 26, 2016 post by Genevieve Marsh on With intensity increasing our zoetrope experiments grew in scale! This week we worked as twinned groups, making two new zoetropes.  Reflecting on our progress from Week One, we drew the words mirroring, turning, and telling as guides moving forward. The groups explored new conceptions of surface, […]

Zoetrope Sun Workshop Week 1

Reposted from July 18, 2016 post by Genevieve Marsh on Creating zoetropes began! Workshop participants explored the property, captured curious elements, and brought them into the Mill as sculptures and videos. We explored each other’s works first in silence, studying the creator’s physical enactment of their own work. As the works began speaking to each […]


A line is only a line depending on the perspective. 3D modeling is effortless for me, but not for my student. It seems effortless. I can play symphonies with my electronic devices, just by pressing several buttons at once. This is called intuitive. What is effortless? What is intuitive?

Hacking Soundscapes

Dwelling Between Sounds   Our project is titled Dwelling Between Sounds. It makes me think of the sounds that we exist around: the hum of the fridge, the seemingly random ding of the iPhone, our neighbors from the crazy house next door fighting on the street, the faraway ambulances. I think of the iPhone ding […]

Thesis Presentation & Critique

A tour by the creator of major and minor works, including Homesteading the Internet and YouTube World Headquarters. 0:00 to 2:52: Introduction by my thesis advisor, David Gersten (Context for purpose of thesis) 2:52 to 22:30: My Presentation of my Thesis Show (Context of my work) 22:30 to End: Critical Response (Critique) by Members of […]

#MTFBerlin DMATER Hack, 2016

DWELLING BETWEEN SOUNDS Somewhere, in the midst of all these things, are the spaces in which we dwell. A clothesline, a backyard, the edge of a forest. An mobile ding, a conversation, the hum of a refrigerator. Sounds guide our movement and color our memory.

Kuna Women

In the city where the west decides what’s best and the sky scrapers sweep the coastline, the Kuna women walk proudly in their attire. They shop the fabric stores with their friends and kids and their friend’s kids to make themselves clothing. The shop keepers love to whisper that the Kuna women used to not […]

Projector Machete Explained

21st Century Making     |     A Drawing Machine by DMA TER Abstract Projector Machete is an installation that lets makers draw, model, and prototype with physical materials amid light projections. It combines digital making and physical making. By allowing craftspeople to work simultaneously across mediums, we hope to broaden the possibilities of […]

Power 2 The You, the Tube, and the Upload

YouTube is a nation with a monthly population of 372 million[1]. Some of us visit and others live there as citizens. We should know the governance of our state. We should know how our state empowers or limits us. We should participate in our own making. To investigate these fundamental rights, I analyzed and translated […]

Process: YouTube World Headquarters

I worked meticulously to translate into an spatial construction as accurately as possible. I was curious to see where a website and a headquarters differed- would there be redundant doors, hallways with on exit, and parts of the roof missing? To make the best architectural comparison, I choose to focus on the structure of the site, […]

Power 1 Homesteading the Internet

Visiting a Park The ice-cream guy pushes his cart along the park path as a regular part of his route. Everyone loves him. He is unaffiliated with the park. I feel free to act as I wish in respect to others. I can express my thoughts freely through my body language, choice of activity, and […]

Strobe Light Scenarios

Discussion on Tin Foil Vest and Scan Me, works by Genevieve Marsh Why is the back of my phone opaque when the other side facilitates transmission of my thoughts to other pockets? The more we wish others to take notice of us, the more transparently we project content into publics[1] of social media. Yet, to hide ourselves, we create […]

Understanding the Outpost’s Door

Felt I Felt A door is a movable barrier of wood or other material, consisting either of one piece, or of several pieces framed together. Usually turning on hinges or sliding in a groove, a door furnishes opportunity for entrance to or exit from a specific building, room, etc.[1] Similarly in computing, we call a […]

Room Types and Web Pages

Dividing Program Artist as activist = architect as activist Our social natures span physical and digital space. Our need to be together drives our construction of information architecture and buildings. From this point of view, works of architecture have goals similar to this: Ignite within people lasting social responsibility and action around a particular subject. […]

A Visit to the YouTube World Headquarters

Any day is a fine day for a visit! Genevieve zooms along the curving exit ramp of the Google Freeway to the YouTube World Headquarters. As the ramp straightens out, she crosses a minor intersection and can see the Google Freeway on the left and look down into the Tube Field of videos on the […]

Design for Consumption

Songza is a music-streaming service that categorizes playlists based off moods and situations. Songza is now defunct, but the technology is now used by Google for their Google Play Music streaming service. The User Interface (UI) of their website has completely changed.       Sonza prioritized music listening, Google Play prioritizes music consumption. Googl Google’s […]

truth, a slide presentation

[presentation] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] [slide] [/slide] […]

Outside In: Rijeka Airport Acoustic Journey

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /] Concept To create an acoustic backdrop for the Rijeka Airport passenger terminal that takes listeners on an acoustic journey of regional life and culture, by weaving a narrative from community contributed recordings. Why Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is set apart by the sounds of its coasts, the robust ecology, […]

Between my Fingers

.     I grew up in the landscape. Steep rolling hills, streams, rivers- running up and down the folds in the earth. Exploring barefoot, touching everything to navigate topography. The landscape layers, Sky Digger Pines Oak Trees Buckeye Bushes Disiduous Bushes Monkey Flowers Star Thistle Tall Grasses Red Soil Slate Ground Covers Silt Water Granite […]

Jungle Typology

In the mountains of Panama on the western slope the rain comes as mist. It doesn’t fall down but it swirls around and you can’t see it-just feel it. In the folds of the hills where the trees dip down rivers run with huge rocks in them. Single dirt tracks weave there and back up […]

Writing is Speaking

  Writing is speaking. Especially digital writing, where your information vanishes if you make it very quickly. Vanishes from sight, vanishes from memory. If I were to print out an entire 100 page Word document, would all my ideas be remembered by me?

Panama Hussle

Mufflers, breaks, horns, pistons, bells, bullhorns, radios, cell phones, shouting, speed, stops, lights, walks, lanes, crumbles, palms, fruit, shops, wrappers, Styrofoam, dogs, sea birds, soda, peddlers, beggars, business men, bikes, umbrellas, sea breeze, smog, sage, shoes, carts, drips, drains, alarms Urban Density Fence Gate Gate Man Door Door Man House House Maid Living Rooms, Bedrooms, […]

Flickers from Panama

Elio and I went to Panama this December to visit his family. We stayed on the cost, and in the rainforest- in the city, and far away. We walked, and we drove. I watched people on foot from my feet, and I watched buildings from a car. Four lanes of Pan-American Highway bullet across the west slope. […]

Sea Star’s Sense of Time

Morning beams slip amongst ripples. The eyelashes of the wind, the wiggles of tadpoles, and opening of anemones. The tidepool amplifies the activity around the sea star. He feels the day unfolding. He pulls a sticky foot up from the rock by arching his back. The sun flashes light jarringly into his eye on the […]

Listening – Invisible

Listening to the invisible  Listening to the invisible. Instrument, infrastructure, inhabitation. Living infrastructure. Veins. Bodies resonating to the sounds of life. Installation, RISD Digital + Media corrugated drain pipe 2014

Wearable Smart House

A Day Made of Glass by Corning <————————————> A Day Made of Tinfoil by Anonymous A tinfoil vest with two pockets, one for cell reception, one for cell dispersion

Ode – Silence

Ode to Silence  Installation, RISD Digital + Media chains, arduino, mdf 2014 thanks Alex Hadik (arduino alchemist) A pillar lies still in a room, buzzing with life. Floors are connected with living rhythms of generators and plumbing. We are left to choose which silence we prefer.


A White Wall, A White Screen infinitely thin, pure, shadowless We can print a white wall on a white piece of printer paper. Bleached consistent white, thickness negligible. The printer paper is both an abstraction of space and an object in space. It cannot escape shadows, scratches, marks. A white wall can also not escape shadows, […]

Digital Physical Diagram

  An attempt to bring together different concepts of physical and digital art together. This diagram places words and different concepts spatially, to bring to attention the words as ideas and representations of ideas.

Research, AudioVisual Design [2/4]

No examples yet of orality influencing physical design. However, I have found research on design principles for designers working with oral cultures . Main terms: orality , oral culture, intangible cultural heritage, preservation , human computer interaction design (HCID) There is much work being done in developing digital interfaces for preserving intangible cultural heritage. Much […]

Hypothesis, AudioVisual Design [1/4]

Theory of AudioVisual Design in 4 parts [1/4] Goal To understand if there is a difference between the artifacts of oral and visual cultures. Why I want people to utilize their sense of hearing for knowledge, understanding, and happiness. In an increasingly visual world, our sense of hearing has not developed.  Sounds are not the primary interfaces that we […]

Shadow Projection

Video, with projection, sounds, and objects. This video is composed of shadows: the file is a shadow of the event (although the video is made from light), the echoes are shadows of my vocal chords, and the light in the movie casts shadows on the objects. This piece was made by projecting images onto objects […]

Shinichi Konno

Shinichi said in a lecture that he draws his products with people using them so that he does not forget that these are for somebody.  So he does not get seduced by objects and form Mobiliti Crutches This is a small note-to-self that reminds me of the importance of designing for people (and living […]


Dematerialized dreams.  Dematerialized reminds me every day.  An act, performance, performative act, performative actance.  I am prompoted every day to upload work to dmaterial, not type to dmaterial, yet the first thing I think of when I see that reminder is to write. Why? Writing is accessible, it is there.  It is the first input […]


Movement Defined as A – B.   Program written in Processing that represents drawing gestures. The mouse continually draws a line of dark blue color. When the user draws faster, the line becomes a light blue.  This exercise in programming introduced me to the concept of what a line is. I chose to represent a line […]

Feb26 Computers finding patterns Computers drawing Computers extending the senses Computers sensing the unsenseable   This drawing is an interpretation of Sol Lewitt Drawing 118, coded using Processing. Here’s the piece: “50 Randomly Placed Points All Connected by Straight Lines”. I decided to use Processing to generate different possibilities. Like any gallery that pays for a […]

Digital Honesty

Language is dishonesty [can be, is sometimes] In work, how to be honest to material, language Honesty in abstraction Honesty in symbolism … Lasercutter. Cut at smallest increments Paper. Fold at non-hand folds   Digital poem inspired by recent readings in language and abstraction. This poem was borne out of the theory that language is the first […]

There is no software

virtual digitality calous virtuosity zealous computing topious byputing tobleop: tashing yuoting bislops new language – new media – new language Wendy Hui Kyong Chun suggests that terms like ‘files’ and ‘folders’ support the illusion of software. We still use terms that obfuscate hardware, the physical reality of computers. Are we left to invent new language? […]


Ashes to dust And dust to ashes A thousand burning suns Cry the tears of a thousand looming clouds Extending through the skies forever Into ears eyes and a thousand mouths Ten thousand battles drown upon the Prairie of disbelief One hundred thousand ears and eyes Carry us up in prayer, to rejoice and consume […]

Act 5

PERFORMING FOR THE CLIENT “In the cinema the image we see on the screen has also passed through the stage of a written text, has then been ‘visualized’ in the mind of the director, then physically reconstructed on the set, and finally fixed in the frames of the film itself. A film is therefore the […]

Act 3

WHAT DOES THIS LIFESTYLE INSIST WE VALUE? Stuff exists in multiple worlds. The whole of “stuff” is the sum of all parts from every world it occupies. To value multi-media content, you must take account of it in entirety. How is this different than the old way of valuing content? Calvino writes, “giant is defined […]

Act 2

HOW DO WE NAVIGATE THIS BRIER PATCH? “I frequently have dreams of images flashing at rapid rates, circulating through what seems like thousands of images at immense speed. I cannot grasp or study all the content- occasionally I register the shape of a figure or scene and consciously recognize it.” -Me From Calvino’s lightness we […]

Act 1

SETTING: THE FIELD OF OUR EXPERIENCE “…letters were atoms in continual motion, creating the most diverse words and sounds by means of their permutations.” -Calvino Consider architectural design as a half-hitch knot: Architectural work starts with a decisive view of self and environment. From this lens deficiencies are revealed in everyday actions. The deficiencies become […]


it’ s been a  longg time since O last posted   Writing facilitated by digital platforms. This piece was made spontaneously upon logging in to DMA TER. Does the availability of these mediums cause me to create, or do I create because these mediums are available? A classic question.    I will seek to understand […]


  This is a placemarker for a post that once ‘broke the screen’. Another attempt to break the screen– see Perpective. I don’t know how I did this though. This piece exists as glitch, making it different from Perspective as a study. Theory: glitch art works to break the screen, while my previous piece searches to […]


Click on the image to experience it: zoom in and move your cursor around. Make sure the lines fill the entire screen. Warning: Do not view if you are prone to seizures. This painting breaks the screen. Theory: the image contains details so small, yet precise, that the screen cannot load them at a similar […]


Click on the image to experience it: zoom in and move your cursor around. Make sure the lines fill the entire screen. Warning: Do not view if you are prone to seizures. This painting breaks the screen. Theory: the image contains details so small, yet precise, that the screen cannot load them at a similar […]


My Concept or Iteration through writing or Making sense My concept is an object/product that converses about the role sound and silence play in our lives/ the individual’s life/ the built environment. My concept is an app, a website experience, symphony that interfaces with a physical component. My concept is a performance that joins together physical […]


Sony Monitor Our Great Leader “We cast her in cement to elevate her among humans” 2010 – 2014


Obsolete and soon to be cast A monument, but not monumental Gen, any ideas on what it can be?


Personal piece addressing the “Quantified Self” movement, this exploration attempts to humanize data that is meant for quantifying the self. Can we chart our emotions? Our thoughts? How can they become actionable data to change our lives? This is a study of the content of data quantification. The mediums used are not directly explored. Mediums: […]


Sky Settles on a line Water Sinking dark volume   Digital writing operates with an endless vertical canvas. As you continue to write, your content seemingly disappears near the top of your computer screen. This is an attempt to understand the mental image created by digital writing and its visual counterpart. Do we imagine them […]


Time/ Slow now, in youth/ Sped up, with age/ Prioritize survival/ Squander enjoyment/ Grid the grid-less/ I age, so time is linear/ Biological truth/ Not just perception     I explore ideas that are long in time (the content) but written quickly, with few words (digital writing).  Digital mediums allow for quick moving between content and […]


Grid time to break the grid Finding freedom between the lines [work from Writing + (GRAD-205G-01). time and perception bleeding through dematerialization]   I felt that my life was already ‘gridded’: by social and biological factors that I couldn’t control (sleep, teacher schedules). This was an attempt to further grid my time in order to have a holistic view […]

Desktop Picture

  Screenshot with important parts: 1) my desktop image, 2) how I organize my work, 3) the programs I have, 4) the names I use to describe things, 5) the time of day. These are mediums that I have created and have in turn affected me– what are my underlying assumptions as a digital designer? How […]

Self Portrait Machine, Re:

2/03/1923 I took this photograph after a night of espressos and shots. After nights of bar-joking and serious philosophy. After all, we are the genius-heads of the artistic revolution, doodling napkins and kercheifs in Parisian incandescence.  Afterward, we destroyed the machine and gave it to a gallery.   A diary entry describing the content of the […]

[ Thoughts _

Dematerialized in my thoughts. There’s not enough time to write those long, flowing sentences, flowery and full of sounds.  The only hum I get runs through the walls and into the floor and through my bones and my own walls vibrating my fingers, electrifying my brain and keeping my chest breathing.  Patchy framework. Sen-tences and […]

Self Portrait Machine

Self Portrait Machine Paper, Analog Projector Light, Participants’ Shadows Genevieve Marsh October 2014  For more: 

Our Shadows

Us. Flattened to dark puddles laid upon textures, bridging corners Outline, duplication- instant subtraction. An us that conforms to the environment, an us that is an absence.

David Bohm Thought One

Collapse. Dimensional difference, Remove the space. Remove the time. Remove the boarders. Division is a way of thinking about things. What if we don’t think that way? Qualitative similarity; Collect.   Wholeness and the Implicate Order, by David Bohm; Woman in a Matera Sassi postcard; Keats’ & Shelley Spanish Steps apartment, Rome  


Mirroring, flattening, extending; reach your arm through. The void bends back the hairs rising from your skin. Spatial | Reflection. What is a line? A plane? With what can a designer delineate volume within a field?


Field of Energy – Atom Field of Atoms – Body Field of Bodies – Universe we see What is a barrier? As a drop of water is one with the ocean, we are one in being. Damien Hirst, Spot Painting, 1986  ;  Georges Seurat, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1886


I lay my work on the tablethe Scrolls of my buildings and images of my futureideal Utopia,   Where people live life to the fullest In healthy doses.   Poem exploring the inherent assumptions of a designer. What assumptions does a designer bring to digital creation?