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Dear Visitor,

DMA TER is an online art studio that responds to interrelationships between digital technologies, environments, and culture. The name comes from our focus on “dematerialization,” as it relates to the current times and ways of making.

Dematerialization: noun (Wikipedia)
Dematerialization (economics) - the reduction in the quantity of materials required to serve economic functions
(doing more with less).
Dematerialization of the art object - an idea in conceptual art where the art object is no longer material.
Dematerialization (products) - using less or no material to deliver the same level of functionality.

Operating since 2014, DMA TER functioned as a blog for sketchbook experiments between Italy and the USA. The medium of a website as a spatial compression, or normalization of inputs, provided a way of uniting our namesake with medium. In 2015, DMA TER evolved into a playground for co-constructing hybrid artworks online and in situ. The artworks expanded into a series of critical publications about contemporary design and architecture. DMA TER attended the Arts, Letters and Numbers summer artists’ residency in 2016 and recently completed a year long self-appointed residency in Australia. In Australia, DMA TER created the In Australia podcast and a body of plein air landscape drawings and fabric sculptures. They showed and performed this work at galleries under the title, The Traveling Show, in Australia, the US, and Panama through January 2018.

Currently DMA TER is working on several small architecture projects, including a tiny house inspired by Australian landscapes.

We want to hear from you- we are always excited to meet new people and explore new ideas. We look for opportunities to experience the Internet applied in new ways, to stay current in how artists utilize digital tools, and to advocate for rights to digital public space.

Kindest regards,

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 Genevieve Marsh BFA, BArch + Elio Icaza BFA, Industrial Design


Living Texts

This selected bibliography comprises writings that have been major influences on our work. Please send us a message if you’re inspired by what you see or have recommendations for our minds. We love to read- especially circa 2000 works!

Material Culture
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Citizen Designer
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  • Essays by David Gersten, Arts, Letters, and Numbers & Cooper Union


DMA TER has been involved with a number of arts and culture organizations. They provide platforms for the growth of our work, through their wonderful events, online resources, and people.