Hello, welcome to our online art studio!

Just inside this door you will find spaghetti parties, online outposts, our questions, our writings and some experiments we’d like your help to test. Slide around our art studio and experience our works, read the ideas inspiring them, or take a piece home with you. Some parts are messy, others curious… welcome to our playground!

The Traveling Show

40,000km of Australian landscape in one show. See plein air landscapes, textiles, and a virtual reality exhibition. Visit the show promo page.

'In Australia,' Podcast

A short story podcast written and produced in a van in Australia. Listen to stories about wallabies, waterholes, and wild experiences in desert country. Find the episodes at our Work Bench.

Homesteading the Internet

Camp out in a frontier website, where we lay the law of the land and establish the source code. Contemplate a website as an architectural space. Visit the outpost.

Recent Shows

The Traveling Show, Panama

Papaya Planet Art Space
7pm, January 11 opening
11 - 25 January run
Event page here     
Gallery announcement       
Sneak preview here        

The Woman Body Selfie Experience

WAC - Web Art Center (online art show)

November 3- December 31, 2017

The Traveling Show, California

O.L.A.S.- Old Library Art Studio                       

175 Almond St., Auburn, CA
December 8-10, 2017;
12-5 pm each day,
2 pm Saturday Performance!                        

Design Services

We bring artistry to design projects, too. Using the design process, we help bring form, structure, and visuals to your ideas. Visit the Design Studio and explore our services.